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Local area


The eastern part of the Italian Riviera, stretching from Genova to the French border, has a lot to offer along the coast, but also in the mountainous countryside above. The area is famous for its ancient urban settlements and modern day living. 


The nearest city to Colletta is Albenga with its pre-Roman city plan and medieval buildings within the city wall. Surrounding Albenga are numerous picturesque towns and villages built to protect Albenga, e.g. Cisano sul Neva, Zucarello, Villanova D’Albenga  Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena. All of these urban settlements represent different but unique architectural qualities and spatial experiences, with Albenga situated in the core.

The modern albenga jewelries: la cittá dorata  and albenga bracelet


This newly designed jewelry, La Cittá Dorata has been inspired by the Albenga Roman city plan and is available in three different versions, with or without a sparkling diamond: gold, polished silver or matt titanium. 


The city plan is also integrated in the Albenga Bracelet which can also be obtained in gold, silver and titanium. 


Both pieces of jewelry have been designed by the Norwegian architect Ole Wiig to commemorate the unique city plan and is being made by hand by the local jeweler Rodolfo Buffa. They can both be purchased in Mr Buffas jewelry shop in Albenga, or ordered by email:




Wine testing and local food at the vineyard of Torre Pernice


Colletta is situated in the Valle Culinary which  is famous for its local agriculture, offering wonderful vegetables, fruit and flowers throughout the year. The Albenga area is also famous for its local wines, particularly the Pigato grapes, being collected at the end of august/beginning of September. The local vineyard Torre Pernice offers both wine tasting and the best of local food.


Contact by appointment  +39 0182 20042 or

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