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Seasonal Events - Annual Events


Throughout the year there are numerous festivals and other events in the area. They can be found on Manifestazioni, Liguria and IAT, Liguria.  Below we have included a few annual events. Exact dates should be checked for each particular year.


  • Early June: Cherry Festival. Castelbianco

  • June-October: Various events in Zucarello

  • Early July: Fritto Misto di Campagna, Castelbianco

  • Middle/end July: Palio dei Rioni Albenga, a medieval weekend in Albenga 

  • Late July: Rose Festival, Pogli 

  • July/ August: Chamber Music Festival. Cervo and Live Music & Open Mic at Colletta

  • Early August: Paella, Castelbianco 

  • Middle/end August: Un Mare di Emozioni, Albenga

  • Late September: Chestnut Festival, Castelbianco

  • Early November: Olive Festival at Colletta. Gathering and producing Colletta’s own oil, the Goccia Dorata.

Horticultural calendar

As the local produce plays an important part in the life of Albenga, the annual Horticultural calendar should also be noted when you are making your booking for an apartment:


January –  Oranges and lemons

February – Artichokes

March – Spinach

April – Asparagus

May –  Apricots

June –  Cherries

July – Zucchini ‘a Trombetta d’Albenga’

August – Figs and peaches

September – Pigato grapes and mushrooms

October – Chestnuts

November – Olives

December - Cauliflower

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